Southwest Modesto Plan

Southwest Modesto Plan Boundary Map

Upcoming Workshop Event Information

At our first workshop, the community had the opportunity to learn about the Southwest Modesto Planning process and helped identify goals and opportunities for future development.

Our Fall workshop details are in the process of being finalized. 


The City of Modesto is developing the Southwest Modesto Plan, which will serve as a blueprint for future development, with guidance on land use, economic development, transportation, infrastructure, and other issues for the Southwest Modesto Plan Area. The Southwest Modesto Plan Area (shown in the map above) includes the Southwest Modesto area and the Crows Landing Road area. The Southwest Modesto area is bordered to the north by the realigned Highway 132, to the east by Highway 99 and the Tuolumne River, to the south by the Tuolumne River, and to the west by South Carpenter Road. The Crows Landing Road area contains about one parcel deep on each side of the corridor from Highway 99 to Whitmore Avenue. As part of the project, the project team will engage the Southwest Modesto community to develop a comprehensive future vision for the area, with a focus on providing affordable housing and economic development for existing households to move or expand, and for new households to move to the area.

Community Engagement

As part of the project, the City is conducting an extensive community engagement process to hear from residents, community groups, and local and regional agencies. The community will be engaged throughout the project, including three community workshops and a series of focused stakeholder meetings. This website will be updated with upcoming community meeting dates and materials. Tentative dates for the community engagement events are outlined below.

Workshops and Meetings

  • The first Community workshop was held on May 17, 2023 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at King Kennedy Memorial Center (601 Martin Luther King Drive, Modesto, CA 95351)
  • Second Community Workshop: Fall 2023
  • Third Community Workshop: Spring 2024

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