Planning Process

The Master Plan Update will involve a planning process that includes the following:  

  • Data collection, site inventory, and analysis of benchmark parks 
  • Review of relevant planning and historical documents 
  • Analysis and review of demographics and recreation trends 
  • An extensive public outreach and an online survey 
  • Open dialogue with local leaders and key stakeholders 
  • The development of an Economic Impact Report (EIR) 
  • Concept plans for the four identified focus areas 
  • Funding and revenue planning 
  • Promotional and marketing materials 
  • Strategic action plan approval and adoption


The Tuolumne River Regional Park Master Plan Update project efforts launched in January 2023 and anticipates April 2024 for approval and adoption of the updated plan. During this 16-month period, community engagement and public input will be a core part of this planning process and will include various outreach strategies to gather community feedback, including an online survey and ten public meetings. 

Community Meetings

Community meetings will include informative meetings, focus group and stakeholder meetings, and open house style format meetings. The meetings will be held in-person at key locations within the communities near the TRRP boundaries, with virtual meeting attendance available at select meetings. Meetings are intended to gather ideas and suggestions from diverse community members for recreational programming and provide input on concept plan alternatives. 

Community Surveys

An online survey will be provided to citizens throughout the region. The survey is meant to understand the public’s current perception of and experience at Tuolumne River Regional Park, as well as their needs, aspirations, and concerns related to recreation, programs, and TRRP facilities. The overall goal of the public outreach process is to gather meaningful input from a diverse array of community members and to ensure the process is interactive, inclusive, and engaging.