Self Inspections


Owners are required to self certify that they have inspected their units annually.  You can submit your annual Self Certification online below or mail in a PDF form

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Rental Housing Self Certification Checklist

  1. Address numbers clearly visible from street/number or letters for units- minimum 4 inches in height or in accordance with MMC 9-5*
  2. Household trash, tires, scrap wood, scrap metal, etc. shall be stored and protected in an orderly fashion as to not be an attractive nuisance – Property must be clear from any overgrown/dry vegetation and/or weeds 12 inches or taller in height capable of being ignited and endangering the property
  3. Dumpster/Trash Cans Must be in enclosure if provided/stored out of public right-of-way/ free from trash overflow*
  4. Inoperable vehicles must be stored out of public view and on a paved surface*
  5. Foundation crawl spaces must be covered and screens must be in good working condition*
  6. Roof must be free from any visible holes or penetrations that allow outside elements - rain & cold - in and heated air out. Must be free from tarps or other unrated plastics *
  7. Stairways, landings, treads, risers, balusters Should be in good condition/free from visible structural defects (looses threads, missing balusters or handrails, rotting or deteriorating materials) and anything that could cause a trip or fall hazard*
  8. Fire Extinguishers – Multi-Family Only – 3 or more units (Must be properly serviced, labeled, and stored – minimum size 2A10-BC)*
  9. Fire Sprinkler System – Multi-Family Only – 3 or more units (If provided – Certification of 5-year inspection required)*
  10. Working exterior lights (Approved lighting fixtures at entrance/exiting doors, all exterior hallways, as applicable)*
  11. Property must be clear of all infestations - insect, rodent, etc*
  12. Electric and gas meters must have proper labeling, be properly protected, and must not be tampered with. Utilities in an exterior closet or room may require sign*
  13. Service panel must have a panel cover and breakers labeled with appropriate identification, as applicable*
  14. Exterior walkways, passageways, and common areas hall be kept unobstructed, in a proper state of repair, and maintained from hazardous conditions*
  15. Water heaters must have proper earthquake strapping, proper drain lines, combustion air, clearances, and venting*
  16. Existing Fire Lanes clearly marked*
  17. Unit have hot and cold running water*
  18. Each unit must have its own electrical power source from a public utility. All electrical equipment, wiring, and appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe and approved manner*
  19. Each unit shall be provided with permanent heating facilities capable of maintaining a room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit at a point 3 feet above the floor in all habitable rooms*
  20. Unit must have a functioning sewage system and must be clear of any surfacing sewage indoors or outdoors*
  21. Entry doors must be in good condition – Locks on doors must not exceed 48” in height, unless otherwise allowed. No double key lock on entry door*
  22. At least one main exit door per unit & escape/rescue window per bedroom. There must not be any double key locks on any exit doors throughout the unit*
  23. Units must be clear of mold and other infestations – insects, rodents, etc*
  24. All mechanical equipment in the unit must properly function including; appliances, venting systems, thermostats, air conditioning unit – if provided, etc.*
  25. All wiring and electrical components must be in good working condition – no spliced wiring, no exposed wiring, and all outlets and switch plates must have appropriate coverings/GFCI in bath and kitchen operational, if applicable*
  26. All plumbing must be in good working condition – sink, toilet, bathtub or shower, no leaks, must have P-traps, toilets must be secured to ground and sinks must be secured to walls, etc.*
  27. Nonporous counter and sink surfaces are required in kitchens*
  28. All windows must have adequate weather protection – no broken glass/plastic coverings, etc. - be in good operable condition and have locking mechanisms that function without use of a key or special knowledge. If window bars or screens are present they too must function without use of a key or special knowledge. Openable windows shall be supplied with tightly fitting insect screens*
  29. Floors must not be in a defective or deteriorating condition that could cause a trip or fall hazard or impact sub-flooring*
  30. Subflooring must be in good condition without buckling or sagging which suggests structural defects*
  31. Walls must be in good repair clear of large holes, missing sections, etc.*
  32. Ceiling must be in good repair, must not be collapsing, buckling or sagging suggesting structural defects or roof leakage*
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