Police Officer Recruit

The Police Officer Recruit position is available for candidates who will be sponsored by the Modesto Police Department to participate in a Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) – certified Basic Law Enforcement Academy, resulting in graduation and certification, to enable the individual to become a sworn Police Officer Trainee with the city.  

The selection process requires applicants to submit POST - certified entrance examination test (Pellet-B) results with their application.  The results must show a minimum T-score of 42.0 dated within 12 months from the application in order to qualify for this position.  

Hiring Incentives

  1. Incentive Pay
  2. Upfront Sick/Vacation Leave
  3. Military Hiring Incentive

Police Officer Recruit Hiring Pay Incentive

Currently, the Police Officer Recruit Hiring Incentive is $5,000; paid $2,500 at the successful completion of the police academy, and $2,500 would be paid upon completion of the Field Training Program.  (A repayment schedule for this incentive is in place, should the employee leave prior to the end of their 5th year of employment.)