Governance and Service Delivery

Build community trust in City government through responsive, transparent and efficient service delivery.

Governance and Service Delivery Goals and Strategies

H. Achieve Financial Sustainability 

Achieve long-term financial sustainability.

  • Pursue new and alternative revenue sources.
  • Apply private and public sector best practice financial strategies.
  • Address the City’s pension liability and healthcare costs in alignment with long-term financial goals.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the City’s organization structure to ensure efficient and effective operations and service delivery.
  • Review and update the citywide capital improvement plan and deferred maintenance needs. 

I. Promote Trust and Engagement

Promote trust and engagement between the community and the City.

  • Develop and implement a broad community engagement plan to enhance public dialogue and trust.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s open government/ transparency program. 
  • Develop a comprehensive neighborhood capacity-building strategy.
  • Collaborate with community and civic organizations.
  • Develop a multi-lingual communications plan.

J. Build a High-Performance Organization

Build a high-performance organization.

  • Develop an innovation and efficiency plan that utilizes private sector best practices. 
  • Formalize the City’s performance management system.
  • Streamline the development review process.
  • Commission a comprehensive review of City codes.
  • Implement the organizational workforce development and talent management plan.
  • Attract and retain high performance employees.
  • Explore “Smart Cities” initiatives and develop related policies to leverage technology to address key community needs and interests.