Vibrant Infrastructure & Sustainable Environment

Strengthen and maintain a safe infrastructure of city roads, water supply, storm sewers, transit and airport needs for residents, businesses and visitors.

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Strategic Objectives & Strategies

A. Maintain the Current (PCI) Rating

  • Update design standards for sustainability
  • Implement mobile technology for field crews and customers

B. Effectively Plan & Manage Infrastructure Assets

  • Develop a work/repair and Maintenance Program
  • Develop a Facilities Master Plan

C. Enhance Regional Partnerships to Effectively Manage All Water Resources in the County

  • Recycle wastewater for agricultural or potable reuse
  • Update Sewer and Water Rates
  • Analyze outlying water systems (focus on core responsibilities of preserving water, xeriscaping, support SRWA)

D. Expand Alternative Modes of Travel & Improve Transportation Flow

  • Develop a downtown passenger rail station for Ace Train/Bay area commuters (Environmental work 2015/16; Plans and Specs 2018)
  • Obtain state and/or federal funding for transportation projects
  • Sync traffic lights
  • Update airport infrastructure
  • Develop a plan for citywide streetlight and high voltage circuit improvements

E. Explore Opportunities for Regional Cooperation & Service Delivery

  • Explore feasibility and level of interest in a regional fuel station