Airport Parking

Short Term Parking

Short term public parking at the City of Modesto Airport does not require a fee. 

Long Term Parking

Long term public parking at the City of Modesto Airport is located at the East end near the Tower.

Parking for Longer Than 14 Days

If you are going to be parking for longer than 14 days in the No Fee Parking area, please contact the Airport office to obtain the Long Term Parking Form.

Persons With Disabilities 

Persons with Disabilities whose vehicles have a disabled license plate or valid Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) placard may park in the designated spaces.

Vehicles Parked in Violation 

Vehicles parked in violation of parking regulations or aviation security measures may be ticketed, towed and impounded at the owners expense. In the event of aviation security issues, parking locations may change without notice. 

Note: By accepting parking on Airport property, driver agrees to hold the City of Modesto harmless from any liability for vehicle damage, or failure to notify driver of vehicle damage.