Food & Organics Composting

The City of Modesto offers its residential garbage service customers a convenient way to dispose of food and organic waste via the Yard Waste Program. Each household can separate their food and organic waste from their other household garbage and place it in their green waste container for composting.
Acceptable Food & Organic Waste Unacceptable Items
Breads and Toast No Animal Feces
Coffee Grounds No Foil
Egg Shells No Food Containers or Packaging
Meat, Bones and Fish No Household Garbage
Paper Waste (napkins, towels, plates, coffee filters, tea bags, etc.) No Kitty Litter
Solid Dairy Products No Liquids
Table Scraps No Plastics
Vegetable and Fruit Peelings No Recyclables

Please Note:

  • Do not block sidewalks, fire hydrants, garbage cans, etc.
  • Dumpster customers are not eligible for this program
  • Food waste may be wrapped in paper bags or newspaper
  • Unacceptable items must be placed in the black garbage can