Business Recycling Awards

Business Categories

Up to 15 winners will be selected, 5 each from the following categories:

  • Small Business - Under 20 Employees
  • Medium Business - 21 to 100 Employees
  • Large Business - Over 100 Employees

About the Program

The City of Modesto recognizes that local businesses and organizations play an integral part in the city’s overall waste reduction efforts. Each year we honor selected businesses and organizations for their efforts in finding ways to reduce waste and be resource efficient.

Meeting state mandates regarding waste reduction remains a priority for the City of Modesto. That’s why we invite you to apply for the City of Modesto’s Annual Business Recycling Awards, which will be based on your efforts of waste reduction and recycling for the prior calendar year. Who is eligible? All businesses and organizations within the city limits of Modesto.

Judging Criteria

Applicants will be judged based on the following criteria:
  • New waste reduction and/or recycling programs developed in previous year
  • Enhancement of existing waste reduction and/or recycling programs in previous year
  • Volume of materials reduced and/or recycled in previous year
  • Level of community support, involvement and participation in previous year
  • Internal waste reduction policies, employee reduction, recycled content purchases
This is your opportunity to get recognized for your great eco-efforts and Celebrate Green with us! Awards will be presented at a September City Council Meeting and a reception will be held in your honor the following day.

For more information, contact Vicki Rice at 209-577-5495 or via email.