Street Lights & Traffic


The Traffic Engineering Division designs traffic signals and provides traffic signal timing and coordination. Staff also investigates and responds to citizen inquiries regarding traffic related issues and maintains a City-wide accident database. Traffic Engineering staff design and construct traffic improvement projects, analyze traffic impacts of proposed projects and recommend solutions. The Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), which allows staff to monitor traffic and control traffic signals throughout the City of Modesto, is also operated by the Traffic Engineering Division.


The Traffic Electrical Division provides street light maintenance  for street lights located in the city limits of Modesto and maintains the traffic signals for the City of Modesto, as well as Stanislaus County and the City of Riverbank. Additionally, this division also maintains the electrical systems in all City of Modesto owned buildings. 

Operations (Signs)

The Traffic Operations Division maintains more than 27,000 traffic signs, such as Stop, Yield, Speed Limit, No Parking, and pavement legends such as “Stop,” “Yield,” “Keep Clear,” and directional arrows. The Traffic Operations Division also does all pavement striping for center lines, lane lines, bike lanes, etc., helping to keep our streets safe for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.  

Public Works Personnel Installing Street Light
Public Works Personnel Apply Paint Signs on the Road