Environmental Services

Environmental Services aims to protect the environment and aid customers in following best practice management for a vibrant City.

City worker takes sample from water tank 4


Environmental Services manages compliance from industrial and commercial facilities, businesses, and residential communities. Permits for different types and amounts of discharge are issued for businesses and industries.

The department collects and analyzes samples to ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and local requirements. Through this partnered sampling, they determine applicable sewer rates and ensure permit compliance for each industry.

A group of Environmental Services staff clean up trash in a riverbed after a storm event


Environmental Services oversees multiple programs tailored to reduce the pollutants that can be carried into our water sources. During storm events, stormwater from around the City goes to one of two water sources depending on the collection area:

  • Rivers, when the water is discharged directly into the Tuolumne River or Dry Creek
  • Groundwater, when the water is absorbed into the ground and collects in an underground aquifer

It is important to also monitor the quality of the stormwater through routine sampling and testing. This ensures the programs’ effectiveness and the health of our rivers, creeks, streams, and groundwater.

Utilities lab analyst tests water samples

Lab Services

Collected water samples are tested in Environmental Service’s in-house, State-certified laboratory. To ensure accurate results, the samples are logged, validated, and reported.

Having an on-site lab reduces external laboratory and transportation costs, especially when wait times may be critical. With approximately 16,000 samples per year and some samples requiring multiple tests, the lab is put to good use by Environmental Services, Water Services, and Wastewater Services.

Five Environmental Services employees stand smiling at an indoor informational booth

Public Outreach

Environmental Services gives back to residents through cleaner waterways and minimizing the need for sewer line cleaning and repairs. Communicating that is a high priority: Public Outreach provides customers with money- and time-saving tips on pollution prevention through the mail, radio ads, door hangers, social media, and various public events.