Down Payment Assistance

Homebuyer's Assistance Program (HAP)

The program helps homebuyers by providing financial assistance with a low interest loan for down payment and closing costs. The maximum loan amount is $10,000.

Qualifying Income Limits

Household Size
Household Income
1 $31,850
2 $36,400
3 $40,950
4 $45,500
5 $49,150
6 $52,800
7 $56,450
8 $60,100


  • Homebuyer must currently live in the City of Modesto, or in the sphere of influence with a Modesto address during the last six consecutive months, or be employed in the Modesto city limits for the past six consecutive months.
  • Homebuyer's FICO (Fair Isaac Company) credit score must be 610 or higher.
  • Homebuyer must provide a minimum initial investment of 1.75% of the sales price.
  • No monthly payments are required during the 30-year term of the loan.
  • Repayment required only upon the sale, refinance, transfer or rental of the property or maturity of the loan.