Complete Streets


Modesto is one of the 14 major San Joaquin Valley cities, which together with their local and regional partners, comprise the Smart Valley Places compact. Smart Valley Places has been awarded a U.S. HUD/EPA/DOT Sustainable Communities Initiative Regional Planning Grant to implement smart growth policies and strategies, general plan updates, and other similar/related projects. Modesto’s grant funding will be applied to a General Plan amendment, for updates to the land use and circulation elements. One of the focus areas for the circulation element amendment is “Complete Streets.”


Complete Streets refers to the concept of providing transportation opportunities for all users of public rights-of-way, including but not necessarily limited to: disabled persons, pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles, trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles. Regarding both Complete Streets and the general plan circulation element amendment referenced above, major transportation corridors are a primary focus of the project, in terms of facilitating enhanced economic development potential and improved travel mode choice options and safety.


On May 24, 2012, the EPA hosted a Complete Streets workshop in Modesto, as part of their Sustainable Communities Building Blocks Technical Assistance program. Participants at the workshop learned about Complete Streets trends, existing policies in place across the Country (at the state, regional and local levels), implementation best practices, and strategies for local application of Complete Streets concepts and principles. The links below will provide access to the materials from the May 24 workshop, including PowerPoint presentation slides, sample Complete Streets policies / formats, and a sample municipal Transportation Plan Design Guidelines document.