Water Conservation

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The City of Modesto is dedicated to a sustainable and innovative approach to managing water resources through water conservation. Modesto has been able to reduce water usage by 25% to lessen the demand on the high-priority Modesto Subbasin, in accordance with State regulations from 2015.

This has been accomplished by establishing a watering schedule, offering homeowners numerous rebates for installing more efficient appliances and systems, and expanding public outreach.

Please see the most recent update to the Drought Contingency Plan (PDF) for more information.

View the Watering Schedule

View information about the watering schedules, which helps to cut down on the demand of daily water use and overall water usage.

Check Available Water Rebates

The City has a number of rebates available to water customers who replace less efficient water systems, fixtures, or appliances with high-efficiency models.

Water Conservation Tips and Resources

Looking for more ways to conserve water? We have plenty of tips and resources to help you find ways to reduce the amount of water used each month.

Download the Water-Wise Gardening Guide PDF

Download Modesto's water-wise gardening guide for your go-to for all your plant questions, including watering best practices and water-wise plants.

View Your Water Consumption History

Curious about how much water your household or business consumes each month? See your water consumption history for the past 20 months on your online account manager.

Schedule a Water-Wise Consultation

Are you water-wise? Schedule a free consultation for one of our water-use specialists to provide information on your current water use and tips on how to conserve.

Report Water Waste

To help eliminate water waste, you may report any water running off the sidewalk at a home or business. We will put a water conservation specialist in contact with the owner.

Groundwater Sustainability

Groundwater sustainability is an important part of water management. The Modesto and Turlock Subbasins are in good hands.

FAQs on Water Conservation

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about conserving water in Modesto.


Utilities staff show you how to check your water meter and what a water-wise consultation looks like.