Water Services

With over 75,000 water service connections, Modesto’s Water Services Division operates and maintains approximately 1,000 miles of potable water pipelines and regularly tests 77 water wells and 12 water tanks to ensure you have access to clean water whenever you need it.

24-Hour Water Emergency Hotline

The Water Services Division monitors a hotline for residents to report emergencies such as water main breaks, service leaks, valve leaks, hydrant knock overs, and pressure problems. Customers can also call about water conservation, water waste, and for emergency water service shut offs. Our customers support us when they report leaks to our 24-hour, 7 days a week water emergency hotline:  209-342-2246. We quickly dispatch staff to respond to the inquiry. 

Water Distribution System

In 2019, our distribution system produced an average of 45 million gallons of water each day in Modesto for residents, businesses, and City services. Your water comes from a combination of groundwater wells and surface water before it flows to your pipes. It is imperative that our educated Water Services staff monitor and maintain necessary water pressure, flow, and quality for all residents.

Water Testing

Each month, the Water Services team collects over 700 routine samples from various locations around the City to test the water supply to maintain water quality to state and federal standards.

Water Meters

The City utilizes water meters to ensure customers pay only for what you use. The water meters are installed, maintained, and read by Water Services Division staff for accurate service and billing. Our 15-Year Plan for installing water meters on all connections will be complete by 2025.

Consumer Confidence Report

Your tap water is safe to drink! Water Services publishes and distributes an annual Consumer Confidence Report to all billed customers of the Modesto regional water systems, as mandated by State law. This report summarizes all testing performed on the water supply throughout the year and verifies that residents can safely drink their water.


The Water Conservation program educates residents on how to save water and money. The Backflow-Cross Connection program prevents a backflow of contaminated water from entering into the drinking water supply.

Water Services

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