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Mar 28

February City Manager's Monthly Report Released

Posted on March 28, 2019 at 2:45 PM by Thomas Reeves

Council and Community:

It’s time for an update on the major efforts underway aimed at addressing the needs of our community. Our team is working hard on the Capital Improvement Program, and I encourage you to flip through the pages of this report for the status of projects that may be of interest to you.

Here’s a snapshot of accomplishments for the month of February:
  • In the Financial Report, you will see that the city has received $10.65 million in General Fund revenues for February. These revenues were received mainly in the areas of Sales Tax ($2.66M), Business License/Mill Tax ($2.25M), and Utility Users Tax ($1.18M). To date the General Fund has received approximately 55.6% of the total budgeted revenues for Fiscal Year 2018-19. The city has expended $8.3 million in General Fund dollars, which represents approximately 6.0% of the total FY 2018-19 Operating Budget. To date, there have been total expenditures of $85.97 million. The financial report can be found on page 3.
  • For Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhoods and the John Thurman Field Capital Improvements, much work was accomplished on the replacement of 1,000 upper box seats, and the replacement of the score board – page 14.
  • In the Utilities Department, significant work was accomplished on the Del Rio Tank 14, Well 68, and Pump Station project despite the inclement weather. In addition to replacing an existing irrigation pipeline, rough grading for the tank site was complete – more on page 16. For the Amtrak North Parking Lot Project, pre-construction activities began corresponding to the “Notice To Proceed” issued this month – more on page 19.
As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions on sharing this material with the community.

I look forward to seeing the great work of our teams in the month of March.

Click for the full February City Manager's Update