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Sep 26

A Brief Update on the City's Strategic Planning Process

Posted on September 26, 2019 at 2:33 PM by Thomas Reeves

The city of Modesto’s strategic plan is getting closer to completion! Since last year we have been working to gather information from citywide town hall meetings, focus groups and our community survey on community priorities for Council consideration.  I personally want to give a huge thanks to all who came out to the town hall meetings, participated in our focus groups and took the survey.  We really appreciate all your feedback!

The Strategic Plan and results of the community survey will be presented to the City Council at its regular meeting on October 8.

The plan will aid the city of Modesto - as an organization and community - in aligning our strategy for future decisions and resources.  Through the information-gathering stages we have found that our community engagement, diversity, and location are some of Modesto’s strengths. 

We also heard from the community that there is a need for more focus on an identity for Modesto, city beautification, an improved sense of safety, and addressing homelessness.  The themes we have identified from your feedback, including those above, are essential to the creation of a plan and budget that will lead Modesto in the right direction. 

Once established, the plan will be implemented as part of the annual budget cycle, which is a critical component of a robust, transparent discussion about funding the priorities of our community.

We are looking forward to the finalization of our strategic plan so we can start on the path toward addressing YOUR priorities.