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Dec 12

Our Strategy to Address Blight

Posted on December 12, 2019 at 4:28 PM by Thomas Reeves

The Blight Abatement Strategy is a major component of Modesto's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, and never before has our City been more focused on beautification and overall quality of life. 

Cases of abandoned vehicles have increased by 43% in 2 years, while cases of illegal dumping have averaged over 2,500 across the last 4 years. Not only does illegal dumping decrease property value, it also increases the likelihood of individuals continuing this behavior and contributing to blight throughout the city.

That is why we have assembled a robust campaign to effectively enforce abatement codes in priority areas. The strategy will be targeting three leading objectives:
  1. The creation of a blight abatement advisory committee comprised of public and private stakeholders that will make recommendation to the city regarding program improvements, potential funding opportunities, and support with increasing volunteerism.
  2. Quarterly updates to the City Council regarding the progress that has been made on the Blight Abatement Strategy.
  3. The development of a consistent promotional and educational campaign that includes strategic communication with residents and business owners. 
Our strategy includes the implementation of a new solid waste plan, and increased enforcement through new video surveillance cameras.

Initiatives like these could not be made possible without the help of our supporters, including you, our residents and stakeholders. The community has an opportunity to be part of the solution by donating funds toward the installment of cameras.  Cameras are proving to deter illegal dumpers, and the more money we raise, the more cameras we place - even in your neighborhood!  Click here for more information about this fundraising effort, or email below.   

Aside from illegal dumping, the Blight Abatement Strategy also encompasses any and all nuisances that need to be maintained such as overgrown weeds, horticultural maintenance, and the removal of tagging.  The city currently provides a number of blight abatement services, including weekly garbage and green waste pick-up, street sweeping, graffiti removal, shopping cart removal, and programs for tire disposal and bulky item pick-up.

I would also like to highlight our new partnership with non-profit organization, “Keep America Beautiful” (KAB). This partnership is essential to establishing and sustaining blight abatement opportunities in our community. Affiliation with KAB includes national credibility, training opportunities, resources, programs, and community impacts grants.

Our goal is to increase pride in Modesto’s diverse neighborhoods and business districts through beautification efforts and by investing in community assets and amenities.  With the help of residents who report violations on the GoModesto! Mobile App, we have been able to target priority areas.

The responsibility of cleaning up our city is far too large for any one single team to handle alone, which is why we value our public-private partnerships and aim to cultivate these initiatives to better serve our city as a whole. We encourage residents to continue to help us report trash in streets or alleys by calling (209) 577-5494, emailing us, or creating a request on the GoModesto! Mobile App.

I would like to thank our partners who have already contributed to blight abatement and are working tirelessly to make Modesto a beautiful place to live.