What will the Housing Plan do?

The Housing Plan is an opportunity to envision what the future of housing can be in Modesto. It will focus on the “nuts and bolts” of how and where to develop new housing in Modesto, and it will inform the City’s long-term planning policy documents for housing: the General Plan and  its Housing Element. The Housing Plan will systematically analyze housing opportunities citywide to assess where more housing can be located,  which housing types are feasible under various market conditions, and what housing types are most desired by Modesto residents. Community input and feedback will be used to make zoning and policy recommendations for enabling a wide range of housing choices at all levels of affordability. The Housing Plan will not directly result in new housing development, and it will address a variety of factors and “inputs” that affect how, when and where new housing in Modesto is developed.

The Housing Plan approach includes four key steps:

  1. Citywide analysis of form- and place-based characteristics across Modesto that will inform the selection of a range of opportunity sites.
  2. Design testing on a range of opportunity sites with hypothetical build- outs (called “Test Fits”) to understand what housing types are best suited for different site types, informed by the site’s physical characteristics, access, infrastructure, and adjacent context.
  3. Financial feasibility analysis of the hypothetical Test Fits and design refinements to find the “sweet spot” of good design that is compatible with nearby development, and market viability.
  4. Detailed zoning and policy recommendations to remove regulatory barriers, streamline housing production, and enable housing at different scales and at all levels of affordability.

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1. What will the Housing Plan do?
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