What are the goals and objectives of the Youth Wakeup program?

The goal of the Wakeup program is to teach young people to make correct choices and understand that the decisions they make today will affect their future.

Program Objectives

  • To provide families with a hard-hitting program that has an immediate and positive impact on juveniles who are headed for self-destruction. 
  • Involving parents and their children in building a positive relationship through the use of effective communication skills. 
  • This educates youth about decision making and the consequences of making wrong choices by showing them the realities of others who have made wrong choices. 
  • Redirects the student’s attitude and behavior from negative to positive, at home, at school, and in society. 

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1. What are the goals and objectives of the Youth Wakeup program?
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8. How long do the Youth Wakeup program classes go for?