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Special Temporary OpenAir Permit Application


  1. 1. Application
  2. 2. Submission Checklist
  3. 3. Signature
  • Application

    1. Special Temporary OpenAir Initiative Permit Application

    2. OAP _______________________

      Office Use Only

    3. If submitting a New Joint Permit application, please attach a copy of the collaborating permit application here.

    4. If submitting a Modified Permit Application, please enter the original permit application number here.

    5. Applicant Information

    6. 24-Hour Contact Information

    7. Property Owner Information

    8. Please print completed application, have property owner sign here and submit original signed application to City of Modesto Economic Development.

    9. PROPERTY OWNER’S AFFIDAVIT: I hereby certify under penalty of law that I am the owner of the above-referenced property and authorize the temporary outdoor restaurant operations as described herein.

    10. Permit Information

    11. Type of Application*

      Check all permit conditions that apply

    12. Proposed Entertainment

      Check all that apply and enter time ranges by category at right.

    13. Enter start and end times for each entertainment category, separated by a comma. Entertainment must end no later than 11PM Thursday through Saturday, and 10PM Sunday through Wednesday.

    14. Please identify streets and address ranges affected

    15. This file is required for application submission.