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SB 1383 Edible Food Recovery Business Survey

  1. Where is this business located? (Not the mailing address)

  2. Business Type
  3. Please provide the capacity or the square footage of your business. 

  4. Please provide the number of beds for your business. 

  5. Please provide the square footage of your business. 

  6. What type of food does your business produce or sell?*
  7. Does your business produce excess edible food?*

    This is food that is safe for consumption but is unsold. 

  8. What does your business do with excess edible food?*
  9. Thank you for your participation.

    This information helps the City of Modesto to identify which businesses that produce food qualify under SB 1383. We will contact you with more information and to advise you of your requirements for compliance. 

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