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1. What types of permits are Time and Materials based fees?
2. What types of permits have the Land Surveyor portion of charge that will be on a Time and Material basis because this effort varies significantly?
3. What types of service do significant additional connection fees apply?
4. What type of permits do not include Land Surveyor review cost but will be charged on a Time and Material basis?
5. What type of permits have additional fee charged if City employees perform paving or staking services?
6. What type of permit is for lots greater than 100 feet frontage, each 100 feet or part thereof is considered to be one "lot" (distance to be measured to the nearest 100 feet)?
7. Which permits types require work to be performed by others as needed, when no fee is shown?
8. Which permits are chargeable only when paving is done by the City and the Developer/Owner shall repave all trenches, unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer?
9. Which permits costs shall be paid for emergency or other work performed by City for public health and safety?
10. Which permits have an additional trench restoration fee of $2.50 per square foot?
11. Which permits has inspection fees charged on a Time and Materials basis?
12. Which permits shall have an additional fee of $3.75 per linear feet for small laterals designed and drawn by the City?
13. Which permits require Utility relocation for City Projects are not subject to a charge?
14. Which permits have improvements not otherwise listed such as water line extensions, irrigation lines, irrigation line replacements, storm drain lines, etc.?
15. What type of service will be assessed a "double fee" penalty due to Unpermited Street Work?
16. What service will be calculated by the Public Works Director and other pertinent staff in each instance, based on the actual cost of doing the work, including overhead?
17. Which permits will be charged $2.50 per square feet of Trench Influence Area?
18. Which permits will be charged $1.25 per square feet of Trench Influence Area?
19. What service will be required to place a deposit and replenish funds as they are exhausted?