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Emergency Operations

Sean Slamon, Division Chief
Division Chief
Acting Division Chief, Sean Slamon

The Emergency Operations Division is responsible for emergency and non-emergency response to community needs including fighting fires, providing emergency medical services, hazardous material mitigation, rescue operations, and many other types of public assistance. The division is also responsible for the professional development of its members and constantly evaluates new ways to serve the community.

Along side it's dedication to emergency service, this division provides public education to thousands of citizens each year, which includes fire safety, career guidance, and youthful firesetter intervention.

It is staffed with 141 full-time safety employees consisting of one Division Chief, four Battalion Chiefs, 39 Captains, 51 Engineers, and 39 Firefighters. Services are provided by 10 fire engines and two fire trucks located at 11 community fire stations. A minimum on-duty staff of 37 personnel is maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Chief James Gunn Chief Hugo Patino
Chief James Gunn
Battalion A Shift

Chief Hugo Patino
Battalion B Shift

Chief Mark Johansen Chief Dan Hinshaw
Chief Mark Johansen
Battalion C Shift

Chief Dan Hinshaw
Administrative Battalion