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Engine An Engine company consists of 3 basic elements: A water tank, a pump, and fire hose.

The Engine Companies main job in a fire is to locate the fire, contain and extinguish it. Our Engines are staffed with one Captain, one Engineer and one Firefighter. Captain's wear red helmets, Engineer's helmets are yellow and the Firefighter can be identified by his black helmet.
Rescue A Rescue company is a very specialized crew. The apparatus carries power and non-power tools needed to be ready for any type of rescue. Some examples are people trapped in cars, collapsed buildings, pipes and trenches, machinery, and under water.
Airport Rescue An Airport Rescue company specializes in aircraft emergencies and the apparatus is designed to use water, foam, and dry chemical extinguishing agents. These agents are needed due to the high volatility of aircraft fuels.

A Truck company carries no pump or water. It's main jobs at the scene of a fire are rescuing trapped victims, forcible entry into buildings, ventilation, and securing the fire ground for other firefighters. A truck is equipped with numerous ground ladders, a hundred-and-five foot aerial ladder (7-9 stories), and many rescue tools.