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Water Services Division Customer Survey

Dear Modesto Resident:

The Water Division would like to hear from you directly. Please feel free to contact us between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:30 pm at 342-2246 for any questions, comments or suggestions. In addtion, we would appreciate you completing the questions below

Please rate each of the following items: Excellent Good Fair Poor
  1. The process for requesting service?
  2. Courteousness of City Employees on the phone?
  3. Courteousness of City Employees in the field?
  4. Did the City Employee explain the problem and provide a solution?
  5. Promptness of onsite service?
  6. Professional appearance of the service person?
  7. Cleanliness of area after service was completed?
  8. Ability to provide answers to your questions?
  9. Overall satisfaction with the City Employees?
  10. Overall satisfaction with our service?
Additional Comments:

  1. Have you recently contacted the Water Division for an issue or complaint? If yes, please tell us what the issue was regarding:


That completes the survey questions. Thank you for your time. The information you have provided will help the City of Modesto better understand the priorities and concerns of its residents.

If you would like to be contacted by someone from the City of Modesto to discuss your concerns, please complete the following information; otherwise your contact information will be kept anonymous.

Phone #: ()- -